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This year's comic expo was a blast! There were so many guests to see, so many vendors to spend money on, and so much fun to be had. I wish that I thought further ahead and purchased a four day pass for this event. Oh well, maybe next year!

My wife and I drove down to Calgary to attend this year for three reasons. Manu Bennett, Karen Gillan, and the great Matt Smith!! The Doctor! Really?! Yeah, I couldn't pass that one up. I've been a long time fan of Doctor Who, and The Eleventh Doctor is one of my favourite doctor's to ever pilot the Tardis. It was truly something else to finally meet the man in real life. He is exactly like the character he portrayed on TV, and I melted into a bubbling puddle of fanboy goo when he said "Hello!" to me.

Karen Gillan was great to meet as well, and she is surprisingly bubbly and full of energy in person. It was bizarre to see her sitting less than a meter away from me. I watched this girl hang out with the Doctor for three seasons, and she is still as gorgeous as ever.

Even with all my gushing over meeting The Doctor, there was another guest that blew my wife and I away.

Manu Bennett surprised us with his personality and the sheer fact that he really enjoyed meeting his fans. He knew people that lined up just to meet him, and you could feel the energy and joy emanate from him when he signed autographs and shared a few words with us. Andrea and I were fans of this man since he first appeared in Spartacus, and he's pretty much the reason why we started to watch Arrow on a regular basis. His portrayal of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke is a captivating performance, and I really hope that he continues to land more roles that truly turns him into a superstar.

The expo was a blast, and I spent a good chunk of change buying all the nerdy collectibles that I've always wanted or couldn't find anywhere else for a decent price. The day flew by so fast. I really really wish I purchased a weekend pass, or at least a VIP for a single day. Next time! There is the Edmonton Expo coming up this September, after all...

I better start saving my Rupees.

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