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April 15, 2013 Review: Evil Dead

I was worried about this movie. I loved the originals. I laughed at Bruce Campbell and his "boomstick". The trailer for the reboot was violent and dark.
I sat through the film and ended up loving it.
Yes, it was violent and, yes, it was a remake, but I still loved it. After one of the hapless teens decides to read a passage from the "book of the dead", the movie suddenly kicks into high gear. It's relentless, it's exciting, and it never lets up until the credits start to roll. There are more than a few nods and homages to the original films, but it also has a few twists and fresh ideas for those already initiated with The Evil Dead series.
Jane Levy does an amazing job as the little sister-turned deadite. The film was filled with that creeping dread that I hoped they would capture in this film. They didn't lose any of the charm that made the originals a cult classic. Cameras zoom through the forest, buckets of blood are tossed around, and the deadites still talk and curse like sailors.
Evil Dead is the best remake film I've seen so far, and I hope that they do make a sequel to it.
I heard rumors of a possible Army of Darkness 2, and a sequel for the reboot. I can't wait for either.

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