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John Dizon’s new novel, “The Bat”, is a thriller that delivers exactly that. It introduces us to a darker New York, ruled by greed and violence. Gangs rule the city, and the police have lost control. The Bat asks us the hard questions, and deftly illustrates to the reader that damages done to a person in their life can affect who they become and the choices they will make. This dark New York shows us what could spawn from a world that is so entrenched in fear and corruption that certain individuals turn to vigilantism for answers.
What at first seems like a superhero tale become a different take on the genre completely. A part of the focus is on the investigators, trying to figure out who The Bat, Frogman, and the Mole are. It also shifts between several characters, and the story describes their constant struggles to find happiness and how to cope in this city. The mystery of the Bat is intriguing, and the conclusion is both satisfying and begs for a sequel. Hopefully the writer does have one planned, because the ending (while satisfying) really does leave room for more.
There is death, bloodshed, love and loss. John Dizon deftly crafts a tale that is unlike any other. It will keep you guessing, and when the hard hits come, you will be left shocked.
It’s a tragic yarn that keeps the reader turning the pages. This is another excellent work from John Dizon, and I look forward to more in the future.

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