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I've been so busy that I haven't updated this website in a long time, but there's a very good reason for that.

On March 12, 2014, my wife gave birth to our first child, our beautiful daughter, Olivia Risa Mallabo. From the moment she entered the world, entered my life, I fell in love. Before, I was worried about what my life would be like when I became a father. All those fears fled the moment I heard her cries and when she opened her eyes and saw me for the first time. I loved her instantly, and I love my wife even more for this perfect gift she somehow created.

I'll always take care of you, Olivia, and I will always be here. I promise to be the best father; the kind that you deserve. I have another muse to add to my writing life, and from here on out, she will always be in my heart.

John Dizon’s new novel, “The Bat”, is a thriller that delivers exactly that. It introduces us to a darker New York, ruled by greed and violence. Gangs rule the city, and the police have lost control. The Bat asks us the hard questions, and deftly illustrates to the reader that damages done to a person in their life can affect who they become and the choices they will make. This dark New York shows us what could spawn from a world that is so entrenched in fear and corruption that certain individuals turn to vigilantism for answers.
What at first seems like a superhero tale become a different take on the genre completely. A part of the focus is on the investigators, trying to figure out who The Bat, Frogman, and the Mole are. It also shifts between several characters, and the story describes their constant struggles to find happiness and how to cope in this city. The mystery of the Bat is intriguing, and the conclusion is both satisfying and begs for a sequel. Hopefully the writer does have one planned, because the ending (while satisfying) really does leave room for more.
There is death, bloodshed, love and loss. John Dizon deftly crafts a tale that is unlike any other. It will keep you guessing, and when the hard hits come, you will be left shocked.
It’s a tragic yarn that keeps the reader turning the pages. This is another excellent work from John Dizon, and I look forward to more in the future.

March 20, 2013 The First Two now on Paperback!
    The First Two is now available on paperback! They can be purchased at Amazon.ca at

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I've been away for some time working on several things. First of which is my sequel to The First Two, which is so close to being done that I have a hard time putting the pen down to take a breather. If you've been to this website before, you might notice a big overhaul in it's layout. A good friend of mine chopped down the old one and rebuilt it all from scratch...and I love it!


Anyways, the reason I'm posting today is because I wanted to thank a certain publisher. I wanted to thank Kim Richards, and all the staff of Damnation Books, for taking a chance on me. They've worked so hard to get my books out, and I'm sure they've spent many sleepless nights helping other authors publish their stories. I am so greatful for everything they've done for me. They've really changed my life, and I'm pretty sure there's little I can do or say to ever repay them for that.


It's because of them that one of my dreams came true. In return, I hope that I can do my part in making them a big name publisher in the business.


I still can't believe how fortunate I am. Thanks so much, Kim. Thanks so much, Erin Lale, for accepting my manuscript. Thank you to one my editor's, Juanita Kees. AND thank you so much, Ash Arceneaux, for the wonderful cover art you provided for my books. 

February 27, 2013 More Writing...Love It!


 Just a few more days until the release of "The First Two". Obviously very excited. I started working on the sequel a few days ago. There's so much to do, but I've always had a pretty good idea where I wanted to take my characters in the future. If "The First Two" does well, hopefully this gets picked up as well.




September 15, 2013 The God King, Available NOW!

    My second book, The God King, is now available for purchase from www.damnationbooks.com. The ebook versions will also be available from the usual retailers (Amazon, Chapters, Kobo, Barnes and Noble). The paperback copies will be available for purchase soon.     I am very proud of this second book, and I hope that you enjoy it as well

.The God King

 April 17, 2013 Update: The God King     I'm very happy to announce that my second novel, "The God King", has been accepted for publication through Damnation Books. Love those guys. I can't wait to see this one come out. It's not a sequel to "The First Two", but that one is in the works right now!




February 21, 2013 Almost Release Time!
            In less than two weeks my first novel, "The First Two" is coming out! Please check it out on Damnation Books' webpage at www.damnationbooks.com.
            Also, I've just finished my second novel, "The God King". I'm planning to submit this soon. Now that it's finished and out of the way, I can continue working on the sequel to my first book. Aside from that, I'm also working with Jeff Cang to develop another story that we hope to get out there sooner than later.
            Very. Very. Busy. But I love it!




April 15, 2013 Review: Evil Dead

I was worried about this movie. I loved the originals. I laughed at Bruce Campbell and his "boomstick". The trailer for the reboot was violent and dark.
I sat through the film and ended up loving it.
Yes, it was violent and, yes, it was a remake, but I still loved it. After one of the hapless teens decides to read a passage from the "book of the dead", the movie suddenly kicks into high gear. It's relentless, it's exciting, and it never lets up until the credits start to roll. There are more than a few nods and homages to the original films, but it also has a few twists and fresh ideas for those already initiated with The Evil Dead series.
Jane Levy does an amazing job as the little sister-turned deadite. The film was filled with that creeping dread that I hoped they would capture in this film. They didn't lose any of the charm that made the originals a cult classic. Cameras zoom through the forest, buckets of blood are tossed around, and the deadites still talk and curse like sailors.
Evil Dead is the best remake film I've seen so far, and I hope that they do make a sequel to it.
I heard rumors of a possible Army of Darkness 2, and a sequel for the reboot. I can't wait for either.

February 5, 2013 First Round Edits
            The first round of edits for my story, The First Two, are done. Thank you, Juanita, for all the kindness and the comments that helped make the book a little bit stronger.




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